Are Homeowners Selling as Mortgage Rates Come Down?

The recent downward trend in mortgage rates is benefiting homebuyers in more ways than one. Not only does it improve affordability, but it also has the potential to inspire more homeowners to put their houses up for sale.

In the past year, the limited housing supply has been a challenge for homebuyers. Many homeowners chose to delay selling their homes when mortgage rates increased. They opted to keep their current lower mortgage rate instead of moving and taking on a higher rate on their next home. This created a shortage of available homes on the market.

However, early signs indicate that these homeowners are now ready to make a move. According to data from, there was an increase in new listings in December 2023 compared to December 2022. Typically, housing market activity slows down towards the end of the year as sellers delay their moves until the new year. This is the first time since 2020 that an upward trend in new listings has been observed during this time of year. It suggests that the rate lock-in effect is easing in response to lower rates.

The combination of lower mortgage rates and a potential increase in home listings presents a favorable environment for homebuyers. Connect with QRL Financial Services and take advantage of these current market conditions.

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