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Be Ready To Do More, Earn More.

Over the past five years, community lenders share of the first-mortgage market has grown significantly. Added to that increase? Important industry changes (TRID 2.0, HMDA, URLA) that require the services of a lending partner who’s ahead of the curve. A partner you can trust to ensure that your loans are compliant and salable. One with extensive industry knowledge to help you prepare for new government mandates and the home-buying demand. Here are three crucial factors to consider when choosing the partner that will compliment your mortgage offerings and provide your borrowers a great experience.

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Identify, Evaluate, Take Action

Now is the time to re-evaluate your mortgage strategy to maximize profitability and uncover new opportunities from your operation. Use the checklist below to assist you in this process, considering all available funding methods, product offerings, organizational structure, operating expenses and other factors. Improve profitability, nurture growth and benefit your members. All while managing risk.

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10 Ways You Can Benefit From QRL Services

Across the nation, financial institutions are looking for ways to save money and generate revenue. Your search stops here. QRL Financial Services helps community lenders compete with heavyweight lenders and add significant revenue. Our services and support enable you to provide the residential mortgages your borrowers need and the service they expect, while minimizing your risk and cost.

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5 Reasons Why Lenders Miss Out...

On The Benefit Of Government Loans

1. Lack of product knowledge and the expense of Loan Officer/Processor training
In reality, there’s a practical solution for gaining the experience, training and knowledge needed to broaden your members’ mortgage options—with no additional costs involved. A well-qualified mortgage services provider can deliver the required support and education, along with the majority of fulfillment services. It’s a cost-effective solution for increasing members’ home ownership opportunities and your financial institution’s income.

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